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In my early 20's, I discovered I had an intense love for food and entertaining. I started hosting parties for my friends and family- my main focus being on the food that was served. I loved making people feel full and happy and always wanted to be the perfect hostess!

The spark of inspiration for the grazing boards and tables was born while I was on my honeymoon in Spain. I remember the first tapas bar I walked into - a massive spread of meats and cheeses and all things amazing! I was moved by the simplicity and convenience of this style of serving food. I came home and immediately made cheese and charcuterie boards my main focus! After many years, the boards continued to change and progress in every area from size to design. I now love to create simple, yet beautiful grazing boards and tables for all kinds of small gatherings, parties, and events.

What I love most about these boards and tables is that the possibilities for creativity and uniqueness are absolutely endless. I have created a few custom boards that I think are fun and will fit most every style of grazer.

-Carrie ❤

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