How do I place an order?

There are many ways you can place an order with us! If you are on on our website, click on our contact page. This page contains our email address and phone number, which you can use to call, text or email to place your order. We've also provided a contact box, which you can fill out with any questions/concerns/orders which will then be sent directly to our email. You may also send us a direct message on our Facebook or Instagram accounts.

How do I pay?

We accept payments through Venmo, Facebook Pay, or with your standard Debit/Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). Payment is due at the time of order.

How will I receive my board?

We offer local delivery and pick-up only (Houston, TX and surrounding areas). Delivery is free of charge if you live, or are willing to meet for pickup, within the 610 loop. Otherwise, a $5 delivery charge will be added to your order.

How does the board rental work?

At the time of your order, we will charge you a $10 board rental fee. As of now, this is a standard fee for every board we offer. We are working on creating a rental-free option which which we hope we will available soon. Please stay tuned!

How do I return my board?

After a delivery or pickup time is agreed upon, we will then agree upon a return time. It will typically be set 1-3 days after the day of your event. Although we do understand that sometimes life gets in the way, please know that a $40 late fee will be charged if you do not give a 24-hr notice of any change or cancellation needed in the agreed return time.